AbleVision Ireland

Ablevision Ireland

is a media production and training company for people with Intellectual Disabilities.

Our production crews are empowered to speak up for themselves, and to challenge expectations about what they can achieve by making their work visible and valued by the wider community.

Through training and encouragement our crews learn that they can and will be role models for others with intellectual challenges.

At Ablevision Ireland we believe in the talent and power of our production crews to produce inspirational work that informs and enriches society as a whole.

In the past two years some of our work has been highlighted

  • On Nationwide at RTE/ programme with DKIT School of Creative Arts
  • On Morning Edition on RTE
  • We have had 3 x30 minute documentaries on Sky TV
  • We have produced one short film which was shortlisted for the Oska Bright film festival in Brighton
  • We have had a film screened in film festivals in New York and Adelaide, Australia and Moscow’s “Breaking down the Barriers”
  • Our film with a group from the Peace Wall in Belfast, “A Crack in Everything” was screened at Belfast Film Festival on 15th April 2015

Ablevision has just finished its Second International Film Festival in Drogheda with entries from US, UK, South America and Ethiopia and Ireland.

We now intend incorporating the creative arts including painting and design into our programmes.

Ablevision Ireland has a track record in the media and film making area. Our programmes involve a training ethos which puts the individual at the centre enabling them to achieve their full potential. Our training methodology is fun, creative and empowering in an atmosphere which is conducive to participation.

We use “ideas facilitators” and professionals in camera and sound to produce our video shorts and documentaries “If you treat an individual as he is he will stay as he is, but if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be or could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be”….GOETHE